If you have received a 423 error, you should see in the error message itself an "old" email address and a "new" email address listed.  You'll need to open a Turnittin Support ticket at the following location: http://www.turnitin.com/self-service/support-form.html    

From this form, choose options "Instructor: Turnittin Classic", then "Resolve Technical Issue", then "Other"

Please let them know what both of those email addresses are that you see in the error message or copy and paste the entire error message containing that information and include it in the ticket.

You will also need to include the following information:

  • Your Blackboard Primary Key ID provide by Pfeiffer Tech Support (The Blackboard PKID looks something like "_12345_1"; see video below)
  • The institution's Turnitin account ID number: 60853
  • Your Username in Blackboard
  • The email address in Blackboard

After being provided with this information, the Turnittin engineering team can begin to resolve this matter.

Note:  Below is a video which will show how LMS administrators can get the PKID for the user in question (Adobe Flash Player may be required).

Blackboard 9: