When you arrive at work in the  mornings, ensure that you are logged on to the phone system. If you are logged out, first log back in. As a reminder, the 7360 extension is used to log in to the front desk phone while all others use your own phone extension that was assigned to your phone. Once you verify you are logged in, press the “Group  Presence” button on the phone so that it is showing a green light (as pictured  below).



Once this is showing green, you  are available in the call queue. If you need to leave for some reason, you  should either press the “Make Busy” button or leave the group once again by pressing the “Group Presence” button. When you return and are available again, ensure you are still logged in to your phone and either take off “Make Busy” or re-join the “Group Presence”. Whoever has been idle the longest will be the one to receive the next phone call. If no one is available to answer a  call, then the call should go to voicemail. Any member of the group should be able to access the voicemail if they are logged into the “Group Presence”.