SpectrumU be streamed using a Roku. To watch SpectrumU the Roku must be connected to the Pfeiffer network.

Note: The setup will only work if you have a previously downloaded SpectrumU app.

1. Go to the Roku Channel Store

2. Download the SpectrumU app

3. When the SpectrumU app is opened, it should display the SpectrumU Let's Get Started activation screen
Let's Get Started screen4. From a computer or smartphone, visit watch.spectrum.net/activate

5. Enter the activation code displayed on the Roku

6. Click Submit
Activation code7. In the Enter your school domain dialog, enter pfeiffer.edu

8. Click Submit

9. Once the activation code has been verified, you will be redirected to the Pfeiffer SignOn portal

11. After signing on, you will be redirected back to the activation page

12. The End User License Agreement will be displayed, click Accept

EULA13. After selecting Accept, the Welcome to SpectrumU screen will appear, click Watch TV

Watch TV

After activation, the SpectrumU app will automatically authenticate the next time it's launched, so you won't need to sign-on again until the authentication token expires in 60 days.

How to disable Bandwidth Saver

This will allow your Roku to stream any channel for longer than 4 hours without interruption 

1.           Press Home home button on Roku remote on your Roku remote

2.           Scroll and select Settings

3.           Select Network

4.           Select Bandwidth saver

5.           Choose Off